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Handling situations of illegal infiltrator

The units employ security services, often desire a “culture” given within their business operations. They require protection services company when performing their duties must also ensure compliance with this culture; a task complicated and challenging. How can security guards ensure security and order in an effective way that complies with all laws and regulations of the business while on duty. Because of this reason, the implementation expel the intruders must be executed in a professional manner. Below is a list of recommended guidelines for security guards to handle the case where a person unauthorized access to protected areas.


A polite request to ask the airspace from the area the first thing to be done. But do not show that they had been chased away but simply let them know this is an area “not on duty free”.

Conducting the process to prevent the entry of unauthorized person as privately as possible to eliminate the influence of others (clients, employees …) as well as to avoid any impact noise can occur as an intrusion of disruptive behavior and insulting words against the security guard on duty.

Avoid too close an intruder! Keep a moderate distance – at least to maintain a distance of at least a foot. When there are indications that he may have violent behavior, this distance should be increased to at least 1 meter. Careful, do not put anyone into a corner. Must take into account the likelihood that a person will be able to take the aggressive behavior upon being asked to leave the area which they have no duties.

Escort the intruder until the end of the road out of the area to be protected in order to control and to control their behavior. Leaving them to walk out or remote monitoring can make them feel not easy to monitor and rebellion. Acts like yelling, cursing and threats will likely escalate. In addition to causing the loss of security and order, this behavior can cause agitation to a crowd of people nearby.

Recorded everything that happened in the book directly, so this book will document lists all of the intrusion were invited out, the behavior of the person … If these people continue to repeat the entry, contest a full incident report must be prepared and sent to his superiors to have the appropriate precautions. There is also need to review past video cameras, photographic and audio material related.


Expel intruders should be coordination between the security guards. Security guards can use the principle of “One who makes / A supervisor”, while a protection will work with others to penetrate also monitoring from a distance / location appropriate for some reason safety and objective testimony.

Assist the police if necessary. Call the police, and tell them the problem. If a person has ever had an act of violence, intimidation or disruptive before, police should be informed of this.

Resistance Report for guys know their legal consequences incurred for violations. Equipped with the necessary legal knowledge related to disruptive or illegal entry, the intruder will flinch at those protective clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities of protection. Maintain good relationships with local police and good coordination with the other guard in the neighborhood.

Using the phrase “company property” or “property bodies (companies, universities, hospitals, …)”. Most people have a degree of respect for property companies or organizations realize they’re in an area owned by a public company and will not have to comply immediately.

Only for people to know the signs prohibiting intrusive, table working time regulations, safety regulations … give her some publicity and make sure with these regulations. Save the document.


Enforce the rules only legitimate and reasonable. If the regulations are not clear and concise, do not try to implement them! Rules are not clear, not feasible will lead to trouble with the police after they were called in to arrest a violation and not feel no need to do so. Such incidents have reduced the credibility of the business unit for the company protection services.

Let those who breach the chance to show kindness or go outside the region and these documents have been recorded already resolved.
Discussions with the police and other stakeholders such as management agencies after they have finished processing the introduction intruders out of the area or to arrest people who then see how to improve processes job. Make sure everyone can share their views on the process!

Prevent intruders is a challenging task that must be handled professionally to ensure that citizens’ rights, property ownership and corporate culture is still followed. Business representatives – the guards have to do as ambassador can not do other business processes.

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