US to help Vietnam enhance maritime security

The information was announced in a press conference on 16/12 in Hanoi, after talks between Mr Kerry with Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh.

Financing package will consist of training and providing high-speed patrol boats for marine police force, supporting the Southeast Asian countries in the humanitarian operation, control and protection of territorial waters more effectively .

For details and information on the website of the US State Department said it expected to offer 18 million new support for Vietnam to increase the capacity to implement the search and rescue operations, disaster response natural and other activities. This support will begin by training personnel and providing 5 highway patrol vessels for maritime law enforcement forces of Vietnam.
The leaders said that the support is in a long-term plan of the partners, and not an immediate response after the recent developments.


Secretary Kerry asserted that peace and stability in the South China Sea is a top priority of the United States and other countries in the region. “We are concerned and strongly opposed the provocation, pressure to achieve the requirements of territorial sovereignty,” Mr. Kerry said. “The claimant states have a responsibility to explain clearly and ensure their requirements are in accordance with international law”.

Kerry stressed that the US supports ASEAN and China to finalize a Code of Conduct in the East Sea. One such set of rules is crucial in the long term, however, the immediate stakeholders can still avoid miscalculation led to escalating tensions with other mechanisms to prevent the risk of crisis, paternal grandfather.

Clinton also expressed deep concern before China established the non-recognition in the East China Sea.
“America does not recognize and does not accept this region. China’s announcement will not change the way that the US implementation of its military operations in the region,” he said. “Air defense identification zone that should not be executed, and China should refrain from unilateral actions similar in the region”, namely the South China Sea, US Secretary of State declared.

China announced air defense identification zone over the East China Sea in late November, causing a strong reaction from Japan and the US. Some Chinese officials said would continue to establish similar regional identity on the area adjacent to the China Sea, including the South China Sea.

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