Technical aid to an unconscious person

Stay calm, and mild shaking hands victim role. Ask if they are okay. Wait and see their reaction.


If they can respond to your question, ask if they needed any help. If the answer is “Yes”, ask if they want to support emergency or non-relatives.

If they answer that need medical assistance, call 115 and help transfer them immediately to the nearest health facility.


If the victim does not respond when you lay shoulder, call or have someone nearby to call an ambulance immediately. Check the airway and the victim’s heart rhythm and began emergency CPR:

Gently tilt the head to the rear victims and chin up a bit. This will help the victim to breathe and help the CPR more favorable. Visit your face close to the victims of the nose and mouth and pay attention to the victim’s chest, Check that the victim’s chest rise and fall not. Hear and feel the breath to see if the victim is breathing or not.

Put your index finger and your middle finger on the side of the victim’s neck to check the pulse of the heart blood vessels to know whether the victim is still beating.

If cardiac arrest victims:

If the victim is not breathing normally, coughing or convulsions, you should check whether there is something in the nose and mouth to prevent the victim is not breathing, and then start pressing the chest movements. Use your hands and piling up the center of the chest with the press down about 5 cm and then let go, do 30 times. Press and let go with the tempo of about 100 beats / minute (faster once / sec
Pinch your nose and chin of the victim of them up. Apply your mouth on the victim’s mouth, and sealed so tight enough. Blow slowly, evenly and surely into the victim’s mouth, every 5 seconds if the victims were adults and 3 seconds and when the victims are children. Check if the victims chest inflate when you blow. If the chest does not swell victim, check the above steps and do it again

Stop 5-10 seconds, check that the victim was not breathing again.

If not, then continue until the victim is breathing spontaneously or when medical personnel arrived.

You continue to do so: 30 chest presses and 02 blow air until the ambulance crew and 115 to do it for you.


If you are unsure how to check the pulse in the neck veins, try to yourself or with your friends.
If the victims started vomiting, let her head tilted to one side. When they finished vomiting, the victim’s mouth clean and continue CPR, if needed



Always make sure your hands clean before touching or helping victims
If you have two people, then a chest hit the victim 30 times, then the rest of all time slightly to 02 times the victim’s mouth.

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