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Help the units have the opportunity to standardize protection team at their units in accordance with the law through the organizational unit for security personnel participated in training courses in security operations by the Company our training cooperation with the competent units of the Ministry of Public security of training in professional security by security University training.

Training and professional security company protecting Quang Trung associated with Criminal Science Institute – Ministry of Public Security. Find a security service is not necessarily simple, but to find a place of training to become a professional security guard, is the extremely difficult. Because no one university, or an organization that stands out training in security operations.

Currently the majority of trades are included in the training at the university. What about protecting professional career, why? This is still a big question mark. Apart from training bodyguards for political purposes in the field of security, the security, the protection of “civil” has not been taken seriously different and still not become a training industry in the universities. Needs to be protected, secured on assets and people is very high in today’s society.

Until now, people still think job protection do not need much beyond health and ability to handle the situation according to the customer’s benefit. Therefore, the security company when hiring can only recruit labor input has graduated high school and then practice the skills needed to add.

This explains why that level, the behavior of the security personnel could not have standards higher ground. Because have not been considered as a profession that “clear” and the future should no one indifferent to job protection. This attitude has made the protection vocational necessary though, important to, but did not demand a lot of respect.

Recent market activity protected very active, the future promises even further. Thus, the need to have a university education professional security is truly needed. Training is intensive, methodical, with a bachelor’s degree will not only enhance the protection team in the future but also the spirit of encouraging step, self-esteem of the profession or despise it.

And look at the reality is that will reduce training costs for the additional services ve.Va a longer posed a question mark is, any organization would do this? All waiting to know the future only answer … Currently protecting almost only professional training in the security company.

Basic business skills

– Etiquette, manners, this command team.

– Professional inspection, patrol and control.

– Professional guidance, prevention and troubleshooting.

– Professional guidance and coordination of traffic.

– Business and management opens sealed.

– Business up and test records and reports.

– Professional recognition and memory.

– Business protection targets fixed and mobile.

– Business protection is truong.v.v …

Legal knowledge

– The relevant provisions in the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code.

– The relevant provisions in the Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code.

– The relevant provisions in the Administrative Law, Labor Law.

– The relevant provisions of the Law on Business te.v.v …

Technical – tactics – martial arts

– The basic techniques.

– Defense technique, avoided.

– Technical control, locking and removing countervailing khoa.- Technique, fighting.

– Tactical attack and ve.v.v …

Fire protection engineering

– The rules and regulations on fire prevention and fighting.

– Detection and identification of fire.

– Measures for fire prevention and fighting.

– The status and primary explosion cuu.v.v …

Use skills Equipment

– Use skills and tools to support preservation.

– Ability to use smoke alarms, smoke detectors.

– Skills tracking system operation and alarm.

– Ability to use special devices biet.v.v …

Communication skills

– Manners, language greeting, vocative.

– Foreign Language, English basic communication.

– Communication skills, communication, telephone.

– Coordination et tacvoi police authorities.

– Manners Front, which commands, ritual.

– Apparel, attitude, style, lifestyle.

– Respect the customer and internal regulations, which lenh.v.v …

Special operations

– Business aid, disband and evacuate.

– Profession of senior guards, protection and escort.

– Ability to capture and exploit information.

– Deploy and response team maneuver.

– The ability to react and emergency situations.

– Skills and business marketing basics.

– Confidential information and trade secrets doanh.v.v …

Meet the needs of many businesses want to use internal protection, but no experience in the protection.

Currently, we get trained professional security classes with the knowledge necessary to protect the business from basic to advanced, from practical skills to conduct chemical splash. After the course, guard skills to achieve fire safety, first aid, health care, law, proficient use of martial arts, tools and equipment to support the protection … and forged train perseverance, courage, honesty, skill to cope with any situation, clearly identify the responsibilities and sense of respect, mutual support in the work, the nature of collective solidarity …

We specialize in providing professional security services to individuals and organizations, call for us to be using the best security services.

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