Protection of fixed targets

Protection objectives and characteristics:
varies according to its own characteristics of each company, factory, factories, warehouses, ports, beaches, hotels, office buildings, banks, housing, supermarkets, construction sites …


Based on the characteristics of the location and status of production operations, the actual business of each company which has its own specific requirements for force protection. but the purpose and requirements of security forces is to ensure security and safety for all activities of the company as well as dealing with customers is convenient and easy, everybody abuse disruptive disorder, theft, destruction of property are detected to prevent and treat promptly.

Apply the solution, and necessary measures are lawful and Vietnam.

All the security guards on duty most of them to be polite, effort, enhanced and extensive observation of the situation.


Prevent unauthorized infringement disorderly, destroying property theft or threat to the life of workers and employees, working and living within the protected area.

Check, control (if allowed) people, vehicles and goods, items brought into or out of the protected area.
Prevention and timely detection of fire phenomenon to handle immediately and notify the relevant authorities to coordinate timely settlement.

Security guard 24/24 / day, not allowed to leave unless the position has been filled.

Prevent illegal actions.

Do not allow anyone who does not have identity papers, signs suspect, who did not follow the instructions of the security personnel when the company. (Except VIPs and people notice shall be exempt from this requirement).

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