Property protection

Subjects served.

– The building, buildings – office.

– Houses, factories, construction sites and warehouses.

– Shopping centers, supermarkets, banks.

– Schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, …


– Ensures Security – Safe for all customer activities.

– All acts related to Security – Safety are detected to prevent and treat promptly.

– Apply the solution, and necessary measures are lawful and Vietnam.


Prevent disorderly conduct, vandalism, theft of property or threaten the lives of officers and employees, is active within the protection zone.

Monitoring and prompt compliance with the Rules, Regulations Officer for employees, contractors and customers.

Check, control People, Vehicles, Goods and supplies brought into or out of the protected area.

Prevention and timely detection of fire phenomenon to handle. Perform check fire protection system, fire protection drills periodically.

Prevent illegal actions.

Patrol, control objectives prescribed.

Always survey and detailed construction plans for each goal to protect. Advise finishing hole Security – Safety.


– To protect the safety of lives and property to clients 24 / 24h, 07 days / week and 365 days / year.
– Bought a professional liability insurance and civil. Therefore, if there is any loss of property belonging to the fault of the guards are the involvement of a third party. Customers will be assured of compensation for property damage.

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