Escorting goods

You need to transport large quantities of high-value goods such as money, gold, silver, precious metals … in the long run, you’re worried about your safety transport goods. We would like to provide security services to a commodity escorts. Visit us, you will be assured of absolute safety items you want to protect.


Always apply the operation to make plans for the forwarding and freight ensures absolute safety as required by the customer.


Absolutely safe protection for the delivery of goods from the stage to the shipping process, do not let the audience crimes against loss or damage.

– The carrier must make sure to keep the design and lead-sealed during transportation.

– Keep secret not to disclose the name, quantity, time of departure, the time that the goods arrive.

– Technical Requirements:

+ During transport protect the security company had plans for camouflage, decoy to distract the attention of the audience.

+ Close monitoring of delivery steps until handover.

specific content

The preparation of professional security services:

– Person in charge will be based on customer requirements and the ability to meet the physical facilities of the Company to proceed with plans for protecting determine the course of transportation.

– Carry out work with passengers to get what they ask for goods? The number and value is how much?

– Road transport, shipping location, time of delivery, goods-gathering.

– Carry out recruitment of officers and staff with the qualifications and capacity to meet the mission requirements. They must also consider other factors such as media selection, the equipment and tools to support service of the transport process.

– Planning reconnaissance gathering places worldwide, which means the route to go through.

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