Equipment installation consultants

We are currently the leading distributor of items of security equipment and high-tech products. Staff protect our professional with many years of experience in the fields of Security, we are committed to bringing our customers the products and services with quality and best price.

Our security company specializing in supply and installation of security systems for offices, families, supermarkets and industrial plants.

The security solutions include our:

– Surveillance cameras in offices, companies, households

– Surveillance cameras in supermarkets, trade centers

– Cameras in workshops, factories, mills

– Wireless Burglar Alarms

– Burglar Alarms wired

Door bell sound (combined unlocked)

Door bell sound (combined unlocked)

Doorphone system for apartment buildings (large system)

Fire alarm at factory

Building fire alarm, office

Household fire alarm

When wishing to learn about the security service, customers call us for further advice, honored to serve!

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