23/10/2016 Services

Protect mobile targets

Personal protection is also known as bodyguard Accompanying personal protection at work, place of residence and in active communication, move. protected content mainly: the life, health and personal property attached to the protected person. The security and safety of assets, goods and money along the trail. Purpose: Apply to make the business plan for the delivery and freight shift ensures absolute safety as required by the customer. Request: Absolutely safe protection for the delivery of goods from the stage to […]


23/10/2016 Services

Protection of fixed targets

Based on the characteristics of the location and status of production operations, the actual business of each company which has its own specific requirements for force protection. but the purpose and requirements of security forces is to ensure security and safety for all activities of the company as well as dealing with customers is convenient and easy, everybody abuse disruptive disorder, theft, destruction of property are detected to prevent and treat promptly.

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