08/11/2016 Services

Life guard people simple but meaningful

Security guards who get joy and happiness from daily work and our little family. Life guard people simple but meaningful Near my house there is a security guard physician working for a company for many years. Uncle protect that life is very simple, funny and very concerned about the people around him. As a child I regularly to the doctor with you playing the home care provider. Everyone in the family physician living very open, very sociable and love one […]


23/10/2016 Services

Protection training, bodyguard

Help the units have the opportunity to standardize protection team at their units in accordance with the law through the organizational unit for security personnel participated in training courses in security operations by the Company our training cooperation with the competent units of the Ministry of Public security of training in professional security by security University training. Training and professional security company protecting Quang Trung associated with Criminal Science Institute – Ministry of Public Security. Find a security service is […]


23/10/2016 Services

Escorting goods

You need to transport large quantities of high-value goods such as money, gold, silver, precious metals … in the long run, you’re worried about your safety transport goods. We would like to provide security services to a commodity escorts. Visit us, you will be assured of absolute safety items you want to protect. Purpose: Always apply the operation to make plans for the forwarding and freight ensures absolute safety as required by the customer. Request: Absolutely safe protection for the […]

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