About us


About us

Licensed to operate in the field of professional bodyguards protecting nationwide. With rich experience and high professionalism in the security forces, our company is now a provider of security services, bodyguard leading prestige of Vietnam.

With management staff protect our good qualities and experience in the work Protection, operating in a tight regulation and scientific and disciplined organization. We have a diverse program, carefully compiled to train security personnel to ensure that all of our employees to adapt quickly perform tasks in all types of goals different.

– Regularly adjust your business processes to constantly improve the quality in the provision of security services, and improve the quality management system.
– Continuous training of human resources, increase investment in equipment and research in parallel with the application of effective management practices, technologies and advanced techniques, develop the strength of the team’s availability energetic young, enthusiastic.
– Paddle is dedicated to fulfill the tasks and considerate after-sale.
– The entire members determined to implement, protect and constantly improve the quality and reputation of the company to the company’s reputation forever associated with the development of the customer.


With a force of almost 1,000 employees provide services more than 100 goals and apparatus professional management experience always meet the needs of customers on any media, anytime, anywhere, with good price.

Hotline 24/7: 1900 7179